Airtek of York County

You wouldn't drive your car 100,000 miles without an oil change.
Your air conditioner and furnace need regular maintenance too.

Regular maintenance on your system is crucial to continuous safe and efficient operation.
Equipment manufactures recommend that your HVAC system be maintained and serviced at least twice a year.

Airtek offers a yearly maintenance agreement to keep your HVAC System running as efficiently as possible.
Our yearly maintenance agreement provides you with two maintenance cleanings per year along with preferred service scheduling in the event of a needed service call. Maintenance Agreement Customers also receive a 15% discount on any needed repairs.

Listed below are the services provided on the yearly maintenance agreement.

Air Conditioning Inspection

  • suction pressure
  • head pressure
  • lubricate all bearings
  • clean condenser coil (if necessary)
  • clean outdoor cabinet (once per year)
  • refrigerant charge
  • thermostat controls
  • safety controls
  • lubricate all motors
  • check & adjust belts
  • condensate drain line (clean if necessary in spring)
  • evaporator coil (clean if necessary in spring)
  • change filter (limit 3 per inspection)

Heating System Inspection

  • clean & adjust pilot & test
  • gas valve
  • lubricate motors & bearings
  • limit controls (safety)
  • check heat exchanger for cracks (visual)
  • vent pipe
  • gas pressure
  • suction pressure (heat pump)
  • defrost controls
  • reversing & check valve
  • check & adjust belts
  • thermostat controls
  • check for gas leaks & carbon monoxide
  • change filter (limit 3 per inspection)